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We offer On-Site and In-Home training sessions.

On-Site sessions are 30 minutes of one-on-one attention from our trainers with your pup during their daycare or boarding stay. Trainers will work with your pup according to your requests, and send a detailed Report Card after the service. Available Wednesdays & Thursdays.

In-Home sessions are private lessons at your home. Our trainers will work alongside you and your pup to address problem behaviors and other concerns. During the Initial Consultation, our trainer will assess your pup and begin to build a plan of action suited to your pup's specific needs. Single Sessions available after Initial Consultation. 


In-Home Training

Initial Consultation

90 Minutes


Single Session

60 Minutes


Of 60-Minute Sessions (10% discount)





Of 60-Minute Sessions (15% discount)

On-Site Training

Must be booked DURING a daycare or boarding stay

Single Session

30 Minutes


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