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Our Story

What are we going to do once we return to work, play and travel? During covid we hunkered down with our new and old furry family members. We stayed with them 24/7 and when things started to open back up we thought NOW WHAT?


In our tight knit community of Bed Stuy/Clinton Hill there were little to no dog support options. So we decided to build one, and Opie's Outpost was born. We thought by having a cozy, safe and fun environment for our pups it would make the transition back to normal life much easier for dog parents and their dogs. We are SOOOOOO excited to be your pup's home away from home and give them as much love, attention and structure as possible! At Opie’s we strive to enrich the lives of each and every pet in our care while delivering value, convenience, and peace of mind to their owners. We're not only dog owners, we're dog obsessed; happy to treat your beloved baby just like they were our own.

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Stephanie Meyerson, Owner

As owner, Stephanie is also head of spoiling and snuggling. She and Simone, her Frenchie, will be the daily welcome committee for our daycare guests as well as the tuck in team for our over night sleepovers. Her love for dogs and making them feel at home is her first priority.


Stephanie’s goal is to keep Opie’s Outpost a place for the community to feel they have a safe, reliable and fun place for their dogs to go during the day and night, taking the stress out being a pup parent!

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